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I have been teaching dance, physical expression and movement since 2000. In 2013, I opened my studio in the center of Berlin where I offer workshops, courses and personal sessions. Dance therapy, Gestalt therapy and the elements of tango, as well as other disciplines including yoga, qigong and Feldenkrais, form the fabric of my practice. A combination of structured exercises, visualizations, expressive dance and relaxation techniques support psychophysical well-being and flexibility both physical and mental. There is no copyright for my method because it is always evolving. It is an approach and attitude towards movement.

My proposals, both in purely functional activities as well as in therapeutic work, are always a combination of intuition, structure and experiences drawing from diverse corporal and therapeutic disciplines. I accompany each person in their own personal path of development by offering them the tools that appear to me most fitting. I like the word “integration” to define what I do. Movement belongs to my way of life. I live between Berlin and Italy and always enjoy traveling to places that offer me the possibility of exchange and growth.

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