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In contact with reality

Tango and Dance Movement Therapy DMT – Conversations Rodolfo Dinzel

In Contact with Reality – Tango and Dance Movement Therapy – Conversations with Rodolfo Dinzel. Available in Spanish, Italian and German.

Ephemeria Edizioni 2018 – 23,00 €

Logos Verlag, Berlin, 2015 – 35,00 €

Illustrations and design: Matteo Peterlini

Photography: Luis Rokeach

Angela Nicotra identifies and analyzes in this volume the relationship between Tango and Dance Movement Therapy offering theoretical and practical tools to enrich the therapeutic efficacy of both disciplines.

ISBN 978-3-8325-3843-9 Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin

You can find the book by Tangodanza, Amazon, and Logos Verlag also as  eBOOK!


Buch Präsentation

The book presentation is interactive. Suitable for bookstores, libraries and schools for dance therapy and tango. Part of the presentation is a video about Estudio Dinzel in Buenos Aires and practical live experiences. There will also be time for questions and discussions.
Ask for Book presentation

[Book presentation in NOU Mitte, May 2015, witht Matteo Peterlini, Laura Rodriguez and Karsten Brettschneider]