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Tuesday and Friday 9-10 Uhr

Training inside and online

16-18 Februar 2024 in Berlin

Tango and DMT, Laban: Analysis and Creativity

20 April 2014 Berlin

Commedia dell’Arte VHS


8 June 2024 Berlin

Tango, Communication and Sensation in VHS Berlin


Next Workshops

Postural gymnastic and awareness online and in my space

We focus on strengthening the center of the body, the abdominal and dorsal core, while bringing awareness to the spine and stretching the muscles.

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Tango Training Saturday 4 to 6n PM

A small group to exercise structure, empathy and improvisation. Next group from April 2024 

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Tango Elements for Therapists and Dancers

Training courses for therapists, personal aides, social workers, psychologists and educators  in  Berlin Tango and Laban, 10-12 Mai in Italy Tango and Gestalt

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Workshop in the VHS Berlin

Commedia dell’Arte. Our inner posture, conflicts and visions influence our actions. Through somatic and sensorial techniques, role-play and improvisation we are able to observe, recognize and redefine the obstacles and resources of each figure. The seminars are composed of both theoretical and practical elements.

20th April 2014

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Workshop in the VHS Berlin

I feel what you feel! A Workshop for the observation, perception and deepening of one’s own models of behavior and communication through contact.

8th June 2024

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