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Workshops & Trainings

“Tango has provoked and continues to provoke in me intense emotions not always describable or explainable with words. I asked myself: why? As a dance therapist I wanted to add new tools to my work and to encourage their use.”

The cultural roots and formal structures of tango can make it a complex experience, not only on a physical level but also on a psychic one. For this reason I returned to study the roots of this dance. During my stay in Argentina in 2010 and 2011, I engaged deeply in the study of tango and worked as a dance therapist in several institutions including Brecha, Institute for Dance Therapy and CETBA University of Tango.

I was able to find many answers to my questions and uncertainties with respect to the therapeutic application of tango thanks to my encounter with the tango master Rodolfo Dinzel, with whom I built a valuable exchange of experiences, theories, methods of analysis and dance techniques. The psychophysical development of children and early childhood movement patterns provide the basis for the study of the therapeutic effects of tango. I continue to develop these foundations and impulses in seminars and training.

Tango in Dancetherapy

You can experiment and reflect on the therapeutic potential of tango in group and individual therapy sessions. This proposal is aimed at couples and individuals who want to put themselves into play, feel the limits of their balance and experiment with different forms of connection in movement.

Tango and the experience self

Courses and workshops for the observation, perception and deepening of one’s own models of behavior and communication through contact. Elements of Qi-Gong, Feldenkrais and dance therapy flow into the work. Seminars are also held at the Volkshochschule (VHS).

Tango for Therapists and people working in supportive care

Since October 2018 I have participated in the Caravan of Memory, a research project of the French University of Bourgogne on the effects of tango on people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, where I am responsible for the training of nursing staff in old people’s homes. In Berlin, I regularly offer training courses for therapists, personal aides, social workers, psychologists and educators.

 UNI Bourgogne about Tango and Alzheimer’s disease. Clip

New Project: Cooperation with DZNE Programm REMIND

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VHS Workshop in Berlin 2022/23

Training for therapists in Italy and Berlin 2022/23

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