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Conscious Movement

Postural gymnastics and awareness

I have always felt deep joy in dancing and moving without limits, but when I was 36 years old I suffered a spinal injury and had to undergo surgery. Following my surgery, I had to learn to listen to my body more carefully. Though the experience was painful and difficult, I am now grateful for it, as it showed me my limits and opened new, less steep paths. I now feel inspired to encourage other people to engage more consciously with their bodies, to work with the signals of the body rather than fight the pain. I often use the word work because it reminds us that we are always responsible for our physical and mental health.

We focus on strengthening the center of the body, the abdominal and dorsal core, while bringing awareness to the spine and stretching the muscles. The courses are offered in units of 60 or 90 minutes and contain structured exercises, free dance and relaxation techniques. Conscious movement prevents and relieves pain.

Courses in conscious movement are available online, outdoors or in person at the studio.

Pre-registration is required for participation by writing to

Individual sessions: 50€

One Class 15 €

10 Classes 120 €



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More information on the courses can be found on the respective pages.